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About Us

TEKNOFEST Career Platform is a platform that is intended for bringing the young people who, participated in TEKNOFEST competitions and aim to transfer the know-how and experience they gained during the preparation for the competition and application of it and adopt the principle of contributing to the National Technology Initiative and accordingly possess the ideal of working at one of the institutions which play a critical role in developing national Technologies in Türkiye, together with these institutions. The project which is realized within the framework of TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest aerospace and technology festival, is carried out with the contributions of the stakeholders as in TEKNOFEST. Gathering TEKNOFEST’s stakeholders and competitors, this platform aims to involve in their professional careers by guiding them in their business life, contribute to their career development process with the job, internship, and academic opportunities it provides and provide new chances with the communication networks it develops for a Türkiye that develops technology.

Currently, prosperity, safety, and development level of a country is directly correlated with the high technology products developed with the national means. Making a progress in the focus technology fields of the future with this goal and developing projects with high added value are only possible with qualified human resources. Setting out its journey with this ideal, TEKNOFEST Career Platform is aimed at becoming a meeting channel for qualified and eager individuals who seek a position in leading organizations and institutions, continue their academic life or have not completed their academic life, and work in technology sector. Its main goal is to make contributions to our countries’ interdisciplinary human resources, especially in engineering, with the inspiration it draws from its past and the confidence it has in the young people.


TEKNOFEST’s stakeholders are able to register in TEKNOFEST Career Platform. One needs to be a finalist in TEKNOFEST, ranked in the competitions or applicant for at least one of the competitions to benefit from opportunities offered on this platform by these organizations. The platform enables young people to develop professional relationships and to develop the skills they need in their professional life and offers them a successful career path.



Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

First of all, TEKNOFEST Career Platform, unlike many job-seeking and career platforms, does not have any commercial concerns and is a project that has been realized to support young people who have proved themselves and getting prepared to moving up the career ladder. Nowadays, we observe that human resources specialists considerably take into account candidates’ social life and activities in the NGOs while conducting recruitment assessment processes as well as their professional and academic career.

Being open exclusively to TEKNOFEST competitors and stakeholders, TEKNOFEST Career Platform does not only stand out just because it is a non-profit platform, but it comes into prominence with such qualities as its composing an archive of socially developed and qualified people by making a pre-filtering and gathering Türkiye’s innovative and dynamic institutions and enterprising and active young people. It is observed that young people competing in TEKNOFEST competitions improve themselves socially with the friends and cultural activities they make during their trips within the festival and competitions as well as technical trips and internship opportunities provided to them. Furthermore, TEKNOFEST competitors strengthen